Yoghurt cake

I’m always looking for ways of using up home-made yoghurt so it doesn’t linger in the fridge too long. This cake is a well-known one in France, especially as something that’s easy for children to make (no weighing involved). You measure everything in a yoghurt pot; unfortunately the recipe didn’t specify what size a yoghurt pot is, and since I make my own I didn’t have any to hand. However, I decided it was about 100 ml, used a small jar of that capacity, and the recipe came out OK.

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Orange and white chocolate cake

From Good Housekeeping; a lot of work, but worth it for a special occasion, and you can make the cake ahead and freeze it. I think you could use lime instead of orange; I love the combination of lime and white chocolate.

This makes a very large cake — at least a dozen servings. Reduce by half for a 15-cm tin; baking time will be the same.

orange and white chocolate cake

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Simple biscuits

I haven’t made biscuits for years, but today I wanted to make some simple, buttery sultana biscuits, and to my surprise a trawl through the most likely suspects on my bookshelf (Delia, Jane Grigson, Katie Stewart, Georgina Horley) came up blank. I ended up googling, and even that took a while. But eventually I hit lucky, and less than half an hour later I was able to sample the result. Very nice, albeit a bit crumbly; I might add a spot of milk next time, as the dough was very short. I added sultanas, but see suggestions at the end of the recipe for alternative flavourings. This recipe makes about a dozen.

Credit: from tafn.org.uk, but the site was down when I visited so I used Google’s cache.

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This is my favourite way of using up surplus egg whites. They are time-consuming and fiddly to do, but they keep for ages in an airtight tin, and are a way of filling up a rainy Sunday afternoon. They make an elegant accompaniment for ice cream, but they go well with other fruity/creamy desserts too. You can also make little baskets by forming them in cups, or small tart tins, and fill with fruit. This quantity makes about 20-25.

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Guggy cake

Want to make a cake and don’t have any eggs? Here’s the answer! Very easy to make, and delicious. You can serve it spread with butter, but it’s just fine on its own.

A wartime recipe, hence lack of eggs. The original was made with lard, but these days we can use butter.

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