Chi Chi

A sumptuous cocktail, to be enjoyed on a palm-fringed tropical beach …

5 tbsp vodka
1/4 litre pineapple juice (or, better, very ripe fresh pineapple)
4 tbsp coconut milk
1 tbsp cane syrup
crushed ice
pieces of fresh pineapple and maraschino cherry to decorate

Put everything except the decoration in a blender or food processor and thrash vigorously for 15 seconds or so. Pour into a large chilled glass, and decorate with fruit threaded onto a cocktail stick.

You can adjust quantities to your taste — some may find this version too sweet and/or not alcoholic enough.


If you use fresh pineapple, the flavour is superior, but unless you have a very powerful blender, you will find yourself picking fibres out of your teeth …

If you use rum instead of vodka, you will have a pina colada.

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