21 February, 2007

Grilled chicken and Mediterranean vegetables

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables

Recipe by Simon Hopkinson. Ideal for a barbecue.

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21 February, 2007

Braised chicken thighs with chicory and bacon

Chicory is something I never ate in the UK, and thought I probably didn’t like. But over the last year I have discovered its virtues, when treated correctly (i.e. water should not come anywhere near it, if you want a result that is not limp, soggy, and unpleasantly bitter). Endives au gratin, where the chicory is pre-cooked, wrapped in ham, and covered with a nice cheesy sauce before being popped in the oven, is easy and obvious, but here’s a wonderful Simon Hopkinson recipe that sets it off at its best. Serves 2.

Recipe for Braised chicken thighs with chicory and bacon »


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