17 September, 2008

Seared scallops with chilli jelly

The recipe is in the title :-) Brush your scallops with olive oil, season well, and sear for 1-2 minutes on each side in a non-stick frying pan or on a plancha. Serve with chilli jelly and a blob of crème fraîche; if you think the plate looks a bit empty, you can garnish with a few salad leaves. Effort versus results score: 10/10!

21 February, 2007


A Spanish form of operetta, but also a shellfish stew. For 4.

Recipe for Zarzuela »

21 February, 2007

Spiced rice with prawns

Not slow food (takes around 20 mins) and a Lewis household favourite. Serves 3 ish (ie 2-4). Adapted from “Good Food 50 beat the clock suppers”

Recipe for Spiced rice with prawns »

21 February, 2007


The method is unorthodox, but the results are excellent and it has the further advantage that much of it can be prepared in advance. As cooked by Louisette, one of the best cooks we know. This quantity serves 8 to 10 people.

Recipe for Paella »

21 February, 2007

Encornets à la languedocienne

A tasty, spicy stew which can be made with squid or cuttlefish — a kind of poor man’s version of zarzuela

Recipe for Encornets à la languedocienne »

21 February, 2007

Moules farcies au four

Serves 4 as a starter or 2 as a main course. Best with the large Spanish mussels — small moules de bouchot should not be wasted on this!

Recipe for Moules farcies au four »

21 February, 2007


Devised by Steve from several different recipes, this is the best sauce for mussels I have ever tasted. It deserves small, fresh moules de bouchot (grown on posts in Brittany). Make sure you have lots of French bread for mopping up the sauce. This will serve six as a starter, or 3-4 as a main course.

Recipe for Mouclade »

21 February, 2007

Feuilletés de St Jacques au gingembre

A highly successful dinner-party starter — not the cheapest of dishes, but quite easy to do and very tasty. You can prepare everything in advance, and then the shells only need 20 minutes in the oven. Serves 6.

Recipe for Feuilletés de St Jacques au gingembre »

21 February, 2007

Coquilles St Jacques à la Languedocienne

A simple and quick way of preparing scallops. Serves two.

Recipe for Coquilles St Jacques à la Languedocienne »

21 February, 2007

Chevrettes au curry

A popular dish in Tahiti — very light and delicate. It’s made with freshwater prawns called “chevrettes”, but any type of fresh prawn will do.

Recipe for Chevrettes au curry »


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