Strawberries Romanoff

strawberries romanoff

Early-season strawberries are often pretty tasteless, but sometimes you just can’t resist buying them because they remind you that spring is here. Usually I brighten up dull strawberries by halving them and marinating with a little sugar and a splash of Carthagène or Muscat for a few hours; this really brings out what flavour they have. I’ve also been known to use black pepper and balsamic vinegar. Today I found another way of enhancing them which made a very nice change.

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Ile flottante

It seems a terrible oversight that I do not yet have an entry for ile flottante, my favourite French nursery dessert. This is ace home cook Louisette’s way of doing it. This is one large island — the spoon-sized blobs of egg white floating in a sea of custard are oeufs à la neige. Ile flottante is easier to get right in my opinion, and certainly more manageable when cooking for a crowd.

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