3 March, 2016

Lamb and apricot tagine

When S cooks, he tends to look at recipes for inspiration, then put them aside and make something up. This started as a lamb and onion tagine with honey, but ended up bearing little resemblance to the original. It was delicious though. As well as the ingredients listed he added some cubes of roasted butternut squash right at the end, but this was only because we happened to have some; it can easily be left out.

1 kg lamb (he used chops, but you could use diced boneless lamb such as shoulder)
6 shallots or button onions, peeled
100 g runny honey
1 tsp powdered ginger
1 cinnamon stick
a pinch of saffron
2 tbs olive oil
handful of flaked almonds
handful of sultanas
10 dried apricots
salt and pepper

In a heavy casserole with a lid (or a tagine if you have one), brown the meat in the oil and set aside. Brown the onions or shallots. Then add all the remaining ingredients except the almonds, and return the lamb to the pan. Season, stir, and just cover with water. Cover and simmer for about 45 minutes. Then remove the meat and continue to simmer uncovered for 45 minutes to reduce the sauce a little. Ten minutes before the end, return the meat to the pan to heat through, toast the almonds, and sprinkle them on top before serving with couscous.

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  • I love lamb but honestly have never cooked it for me family. They think is smells funny. But like this I bet they would eat it in a minute! Thanks for another great idea! I will have to share on Travel, Eat Repeat on Facebook!

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