Oven-dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes

Well, no-one is ever likely to want to make a film about my attempt to cook my way through Delicious Days, so perhaps I needn’t feel too bad about falling off the wagon. I suddenly realised that Nicky had a way of using up some of the glut of tomatoes in our weekly organic vegetable box, so I quickly did a batch of these dried tomatoes. Barely a recipe: just halve or quarter your tomatoes, season with salt, pepper, garlic, and herbs to taste, and leave in a 90-degree oven for several hours till they are dried to your liking (I also used the residual heat after I’d used the oven for something else).

Mine are soft and semi-dried — I’m not sure how long they will keep, but I have covered them in olive oil (which can be used in salad dressings) and put them in the fridge. You can use them in salads, soups, as garnish for pizza, frittata, or quiche …

Even if I haven’t kept up with the challenge too well, I have still cooked more from this book than I might have done otherwise, and found some brilliant keepers — especially the ginger and lemon cordial, which is destined to become a summer standby, and the coffee panna cotta.

4 thoughts to “Oven-dried tomatoes”

  1. I LOVE the ginger and lemon cordial, it’s absolutely gorgeous and so easy to make! It;’s on my list of Things To Make when I have visitors to stay.

  2. Hi Veronica. Firstly, what a fabulous picture of the tomatoes – they look scrummy.

    I went to see ‘Julie and Julia’ last week with Hubby and it was very good. Some moments of pure recognition for me, I must say, especially when Julie, the blogger, has a complete strop one day and says “what if I don’t cook them all? I will have failed and an entire year of my life will have been wasted”. I have had some melodramatic moments like this too! My friends are now insisting that, at the end of the year, I throw a dinner party with the ‘best of’ recipes, which I think is a great idea – it would round off the challenge nicely! Anyway – keep going. The whole point of this, as I have learned, is not necessarily cooking the whole lot (although I just HAVE to now!) but the coming across new and challenging recipes that you might not have had a got at – that has been the true delight for me.

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