Earl Grey tuiles

earl grey tuiles

I am an habituée of tuiles, since they are my go-to solution for an excess of egg whites. So this recipe from Delicious Days held no terrors for me. I had 6 egg whites in the fridge from making a prune and Armagnac tart, so this was a good opportunity to try them.

The paste was a bit more solid than I normally make, so they were slightly thicker than usual, but still crispy. And flavouring them with lemon zest and powdered Earl Grey tea is an inspired touch. They had an exotic perfume, and made a nice change from plain ones. Tuiles make a great accompaniment to any creamy dessert. If you shape them over cups or small ramekins, you can use them as containers for a filling of your choice — or just a scoop or two of ice cream.

6 thoughts to “Earl Grey tuiles”

  1. le problème avec les tuiles c’est que j’en mange la moitié dès la sortie du four. Je ne suis pas fan du thé Earl Grey car je fuis la bergamote mais en revanche j’apprécie beaucoup de simples tuiles avec un Darjeeling par exemple.

  2. Bonjour Marie, et merci pour ton commentaire ! C’est vrai que les tuiles sont très tentantes dès la sortie du four. J’ai beaucoup apprécié le parfum citron de celles-ci, et c’est sûr que je vais essayer d’autres parfums, y compris le thé. Par ailleurs, je suis assidûment ton blog depuis quelque temps, et je l’apprécie beaucoup !

  3. Veronica, I read your comments on Ken and Walt’s blogs. Like me you are “bilingue”. I was wondering about that prune and Armagnac tarte. When I was on vacation sur l’Ile d’Yeu, (a long time ago), a woman used to sell a prune tarte that was “to die for”. I was wondering if you have ever heard of it. I bet a lot of butter was in the dough, but so incredibly delicious!

  4. Hi Nadege

    Not specifically, but prune tarts are quite classic I think. The one here is delicious; the pastry is rich, but not excessively so. Thanks for your comment!

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