Colourful vegetable quiche

vegetable quiche

Continuing with my cookbook challenge: chalk one up to not reading the recipe properly. I read the ingredients for the crust and gaily flung them all into the food processor while thinking that breadcrumbs were quite an odd ingredient in pastry. Then when I’d rolled it out I discovered that the breadcrumbs in the list of ingredients were intended to be sprinkled on top of the pastry before adding the filling.

Oh well. The pastry isn’t baked blind, so I reasoned that the crumbs were intended to stop the pastry going soggy, and instead sprinkled on a little couscous to serve the same purpose.

The pastry is nice, made with butter and quark (40% fat curd cheese) — but overall the quiche was a bit blah. I used what I had, namely leeks, carrots, and a mixture of frozen green beans and sugar snap peas. Unusually, I pre-empted Steve and said “It needs some bacon!” Either that, or some of those lovely caramelised onions, or more cheese, or lots of fresh herbs.

I could only get quark in the form of a huge 1 kg tub, so look out for a follow up in the form of the cheesecake that also features in the book.

2 thoughts to “Colourful vegetable quiche”

  1. I love a good home made quiche and in my experience, a veggie quiche is the best. Did you spread tomato sauce over the base of the pastry before you added the eggy mixture? I do this and I think it makes the quiche that little bit better, even if it does start taste more like a fluffy pizza!

    P.s I love how you didn’t take a picture of a “perfect” slice of quiche and this one has some of the crust missing =)

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