Cheesecake à la Cafe Solo


Another slightly disappointing experience from delicious:days. This was OK, but it tasted bland (read: not lemony enough) and had a grainy texture around the edges which I didn’t particularly like. It also has a rather solid pastry case instead of the usual crumble base. As part of the same baking session I had made some lemon curd with a big bag of bargain lemons, so I improved it by spreading this over the top and adding a garnish of crystallised lemon peel.

Sorry Nicky, but I prefer my own lemon cheesecake!

2 thoughts to “Cheesecake à la Cafe Solo”

  1. I had a very good experience with Nigel’s orange and lemon cheesecake, although I could have done with a more citrus kick to it. Wonderful texture as it was baked in a bain marie. Check out you copy of The Diaries fr the recipe. I think you definitely improved your version by putting lemon curd on the top!

  2. Hi Maggie

    It was a bit better after a day in the fridge, and the lemon curd definitely helped! I’ll try Nigel’s sometime, though I don’t make cheesecake often.

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