Little things that make me happy

A couple of weeks ago, Joanna nominated me for a Tree of Happiness award. You simply have to list six things that make you happy. So here goes; I’ve tried to make at least one of them food-related!

1. Lazing in bed on a Sunday morning with a purring cat curled up against my shoulder, knowing I don’t need to get up for work.
2. Swimming in a tropical lagoon surrounded by multi-coloured fishes, or just sitting on the beach watching and listening to the waves.
3. Snuggling up by the log fire on a winter night with a glass of red wine and a new book to read.
4. The fact that we took a risk, sold our house, gave up our jobs, and moved to the south of France to start a business — and it worked! Eleven years on, I still sometimes pinch myself to see if it’s true. I would have spent my life regretting it if we hadn’t done it.
5. The moment when you sit down at the table in a special restaurant, feeling hungry, and open the menu.
6. Singing Bach, Handel, Mozart, or Cyrillus Kreek.

I’ve wimped out on choosing the other six bloggers to pass the award on to; I’m picking six recent commenters on my blog, plucked out at random. Don’t feel obliged to do this if you don’t want to, and thanks to Joanna for thinking of me.

Bellini Valli of More Than Burnt Toast
Sally of Blogging for London
Betty (again!) of La France Profonde, And So Forth, and Cuisine Quotidienne
Ivy (again!) of Little Ivy Cakes
Sarah of Quelques gouttes de nous
Talented artist Steffi of Miss Matzenbatzen

4 thoughts to “Little things that make me happy”

  1. Thanks for the thought and the tag. I just did a major “Things I’m thankful for” post for Thanksgiving, but it was not “little things that make me happy.” I’ll try to do this one, as it has a different bent.

    Where are you in the South of France exactly? You can answer by email.

  2. Hi, Veronica,

    I’m getting onto this now. Thanks for the nomi.

    It can take me quite a time to pick up on these things: I haven’t worked out how to work RSS yet.

    I look forward to thinking of the little things . . . :))

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