Cottage Smallholder frittata

I have become a dedicated follower of Fi’s blog, which is about all sorts of domestic matters other than food, including keeping chickens, gardening, and domestic life in general. She is also very adventurous on the self-sufficiency front, making her own bacon and salami. She’s posted about frittata a couple of times, so when I was short of ingredients and time I turned to her.

This frittata recipe is now officially a default dinner. I made it with what I had: lardons, cantal cheese, diced artichoke hearts, and a sprinkling of basil, with a couple of new potatoes steamed, sliced, and laid on top. Steve thinks Spanish omelette is the work of the devil, and even he liked it!

2 thoughts to “Cottage Smallholder frittata”

  1. Thanks so much for the link Veronica!

    I was amazed how good frittata can taste when I tried it. We have it at least once a week too.

    Love your exotic twist of adding diced artichoke hearts and lardons.

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