With thanks to Maggie for the recipe, and Sunny for finding it when I’d lost it. I made half-quantity and I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’m told it’s delicious …

Limoncello stage 1

8 lemons, zest only (I used a very sharp vegetable peeler)
2 pints ( 1.120 l) vodka, grappa or similar

Leave together in well-sealed jar for 8 days.

Then make a syrup by heating together
2 pints water
1 3/4 pounds sugar ( 780g)
2 large lemons, juice only

Stir until sugar dissolves, leave to come to a boil, then put aside to cool.

Strain the alcohol mixture, combine with the strained syrup, and bottle. Serve chilled (can be frozen and served straight from the freezer)..

According to Sunny, “the leftover naked lemons are best kept on a shelf in the fridge, not a drawer, so they don’t go mouldy. Or better yet, use them up to make lemon curd.”

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