A spicy Seychelles curry

1 large firm white fish (e.g. red snapper or carang)
5g small chillis
20g garlic
10g fresh ginger
2 dl oil
salt and pepper

Score the fish on both sides with a sharp knife. Pound together all the spices and mix with the oil. Put some of this mixture inside the fish and rub the rest into the slashes. Bake or barbecue till the fish is cooked, and squeeze over lemon juice. Serve with Basmati rice and chutney. Here”s a coconut chutney to give you the idea:

750g fresh coconut
5g small chillis
1 dl oil
5 cl vinegar
salt and pepper

Grate the coconut coarsely, then squeeze to remove the milk (you can use it for something else). Add all the other ingredients except the oil. Heat the oil and fry the mixture. Serve with fish curry.

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