Spiced rice with prawns

Not slow food (takes around 20 mins) and a Lewis household favourite. Serves 3 ish (ie 2-4). Adapted from “Good Food 50 beat the clock suppers”

200g basmati rice
175g frozen peas
1 onion chopped
2tbsp sunflower oil
200g chorizio [sliced and halved or chopped] – or streaky bacon [not quite as good]
1tbsp curry paste or powder
250g cooked peeled prawns [defrosted are fine]
1 egg beaten
soy sauce /sweet chilli sauce to serve [optional but good]

Cook rice adding frozen peas for last 3 mins

Meanwhile heat oil in large frying pan or better a wok. Add onion and chorizio and stir fry till golden and onions cooked[don’t burn]. Add curry paste/powder and stir for a few seconds, then tip in prawns and stir for a minute till heated through

Push prawn mixture to one side of pan and add a drop of oil to other side. Pour egg into oil and stir till cooked like lightly scrambled eggs, then mix into prawns. Add rice and mix well. Add about a tbsp soy sauce if wished prior to serving. Good with sweet chilli sauce.

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